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Did you know that you can earn from blogger for free? Here is the step by step guide to creating a free blog with Blogger. If you want to know is blogging worth it – click here.



Step 1:

Go to Blogger website – https://www.blogger.com/


Blogger home page




Step 2:

Sign in to Blogger using your Gmail.


sign in to blogger using gmail


Step 3:

Enter a name for your blog. It is the name that appears at the top of your blog. Choose a unique name that people can remember easily and also describe the content of your blog. It will help readers to recognize your blog and blog content. You can change the name later if you want. But I do not recommend changing the name from time to time because it leads to reduce incoming traffic due to the inability to find your blog. So, try to find a Name according to the above details.


choose a name for the blog


Step 4:

Create the URL of your Blogger. First, try entering the Name you have chosen for the blog. 


create a URL for Blogger

If you choose the blog name Life Garden, you can enter the URL as lifegarden.blogspot.com. Sometimes, the URL you choose may already be taken. If so, try changing different URL s such as mylifegarden.blogspot.com, lifegarden2.blogspot.com, or something like that. But don’t change the URL to something entirely different like thisismycar.blogspot.com


already taken URL

correct URL

Then click Next.


Step 5:

Now you can choose your name to display readers. If you don’t like to show your Name you can enter a nickname like Life Gardener. But I recommend the real name.


choose admin name


Then click Finish.


cookies warning

You can simply close the warning message from the top right corner of message. It is regarding cookies and data collection policies. You do not have to worry about it unless you use third-party advertisement services except Google AdSense.


Step 6:

Click the “+ New Post” button from the panel on the left side. You will get a window like this.


add new blog post


Enter the title of your first blog post. Then you can start writing your blog content. The toolbar below the title will help you to decorate the content of the blog. You can insert images, videos, links, emojis, special characters, and also you can format the content using this toolbar.




You can get a preview of the current content using the Preview button on the right side.


Let’s look at the panel on the right side.


panel on the right sideLabels  

You can add tags to the blog post using this. These are keywords to find the blog post. For example, my post name is Test Post, and I have entered the test content. So, I can add a label like “Test”. Add some tags for each blog.


Published on – 

Here you can see the last published date and the time of the current blog post. It changes when you press the Publish button.


Permalink – 

This format the URL of the current blog post. You can not change this once you publish the post. There are two options for permalink.

Automatic Permalink – Automatically creates post URL using date and the title of the post. (Recommended)

Custom Permalink – Create a URL as you wish.


Location – 

You can select the location where you write the article. It takes the default location if you do not change it.


Options – 

Here you can customize comments of the post.



After finished content adding, click Publish.


Once you publish, you will reach this page.





Now go to the top of the post and click on the Eye icon to see the post.


eye icon


published post

WOW! Congratulations! You just created your first blog post.


It is so simple. Start your blog with Blogger right now and make money!



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Connect Google AdSense Account to Blogger.

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