Create Google AdSense Account Correctly


Google AdSense is the most trusted and recommended advertisement service that we can use to monetize blogs, websites, mobile apps, Blogger, etc. Today I will guide you step by step to create a Google AdSense account correctly.


If you have a website, blog, or Blogger site with some traffic, you can monetize from it with Google AdSense. It will take 2 to 14 days to approve or disapprove your request. Learn the things you must do to get Google AdSense approved.



Step 1: Google AdSense

Go to Google AdSense website –


Google AdSense home page

If you are logged in to the Gmail account that you want to use for the Google AdSense account, click Get started (You can skip Step 2), else go to step 2.



Step 2: Sign in to Gmail

Click Sign in and choose the Gmail account.

choose Gmail account

If you cannot find the Gmail you want to sign in to, click Use another account and sign in with credentials. Again, if you redirect to the following page, click sign up in the pop-up message.





Step 3: Create Google AdSense Account

Then will be redirected to this page.


create AdSense account


Enter the URL of your website, blog, or Blogger site. Enter the email address you used to sign in to Google AdSense. Select Yes and click Save And Continue.


You will redirect to the following page.


fill personal details

Choose your country, Agree to Terms and Conditions, and click Create Account.


If you use Blogger URL here, you will get a page like the following. But there is a better way to link the Blogger site to Google AdSense


continue in Blogger


You can click Continue in Blogger or Use this better way to link AdSense account to Blogger.



Step 4: Setup Google AdSense Account


get started


Click Get Started.


personal form one

personal form two


Now fill this form very carefully because once your site is approved, they send you a letter to your residence(home) with a secret PIN. If you couldn’t enter that PIN when they ask, you cannot proceed further. 



Step 6: Link Google AdSense Account to Your Website

Then you will get a page like this.


AdSense script for website 

If you build a website from scratch, copy this code go to the index.html page, and past it there. Connect Google AdSense to WordPressConnect Google AdSense to Blogger.


paste script in the index page


Now click Done. If you paste the code correctly, you will be able to see this message. 


successfully connected to google AdSense


WOW! Congratulations! You just linked your website to Google AdSense.


Google AdSense will take a few days to review your website, and they will contact you. If you have any questions, always feel free to comment down below. 



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